Starcraft Starflyer Vista

1991 Starcraft Starflyer Vista Popup Camper Trailer

The 1991 Starcraft Starflyer Vista popup camper has given us more fun than just about anything over the past few years. In Northern California, we used to go camping every other weekend, but here in Southern California things are so much different. Camping season is flip-flopped with the bulk of the camping being done in the winter since the desert is more bearable then. In September of 2008, I decided to do a removal of the stripes so that I could put new ones on to replace the dried, cracked stripes that were already there, but it turned into a major project once it was underway. The end result was quite a few weeks spent removing glue residue from the old stripes, removing everything from the exterior of the camper, repainting everything that would hold a paint job, re-striping it, and putting it all back together again. I’ve been very happy with the end result, and still have the top to do at some point over the summer once camping season dies down.

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